Thanks to all who have provided information and memories for this site.  Added thanks to all who have sent in names of people who served at APC.  These members have been added to the APC Personnel Roster.  We're looking for names of people who worked, served or appeared at APC.

"I am sending this information in for my father (Ralph T. Kuehn, Television Specialist, 1961-1962, He was so pleased to see your web site since he has wonderful memories of his time there and has made lifelong friendships. Therefore, I wanted to get him a listing on your personnel section.  Thank you," /s/Karla Baranski

Special thanks to Ethel Halpin, whose Astoria experience dates from the Paramount days.  

Appreciation to Debra Lipkowitz who supplied information about her father, Joe Lipkowitz, who served at the Army studio from its beginning in 1942 to its closure in 1970.

And more thanks to Kathleen Garrity Jorgensen of Winthorp, Maine, for sending in names of her father, Thomas F. Garrity, and grandfather, Matthew F. Scholler.  She wrote that both had worked "at the Army Pictorial Center in Astoria. I remember going there as a young child."

Thanks also to Laurie Rader Siegel for confirming the identification of Abraham Alfred Skall.  Information posted here is from many sources and memories, and additions and corrections are always welcome.

Report for duty: Names of the artists, technicians and professionals who created, distributed and preserved the Army's motion picture record from 1942 to 1970 are listed at Personnel Roster.  If you or someone you know served at SCPC/APC, send information to add them to the Personnel Roster.

Many people have asked for help, for information about military photography and photographic units or to contact other people.  To see our Help page, click here;

Many people have asked for help, to get information about military films and about photographic units or to contact other people.  Be sure to check the Help page by clicking here. 

If you have a request for help, send an e-mail by clicking here.

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