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Pat Valle wrote, "I was at the SCPC later APC from 1954 thru 1957 and was a soundman for "Boots" Barns.  There were a lot of big names there such as Adolf Zucker the III, Jerry Finnerman, DP for Star Trek, Billy Wagner, DP  for 60 Minutes,  Jay Sandrich, director, and many others.  I received an invitation to reunion of a Martin Dunn.  I don't recall the name but I thought he might have been in our unit.

"After my discharge in July 1957, I went to finish my schooling in audio in California, hoping to get into the Hollywood union.  I left California after marrying a New York girl.  We moved to New York, and after 5 years of freelancing I got a staff job at NBC News as an audiio technician.   This got me onto the IATSE Local 52 union, and I stayed with NBC for 26 years on staff and then went freelancing in 1988.

"I am still working as both audio and grip departments.

"Please see if you can find anything about Martin Dunn and a roster of my old buddies."

Valle's recollections overlap those of Howard Rieder, who also serve in the mid-1950s.

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