Judith Herman, the daughter of Lewis Herman wrote:

"My father, Lewis Helmar Herman, worked (on and off) at the APC in Astoria from maybe before 1952 until 1958 (I think).  He was a writer and director for films.  He also worked on several secret projects in Texas, Florida, and someplace in the Midwest.  He was a member of the 'the Guinea Pig' club, a group from APC that ate irradiated foods.

"He worked on the 'Hey Benny' safety series for hygiene.  He also gave Jack Webb his first film role – if I remember correctly.

"He was also given a special pass – I could send you a copy of it – that he was to show to the authorities if there were an atomic bomb.  The pass would let him “pass through” the freeways from Astoria to someplace in Pennsylvania --  assuming this special pass was not stolen from him enroute – so that he would be “saved” after the war to work again on secret films – whatever they were about."