Thomas Guinee

Thomas Guinee wrote, "There are so many things I recall about the Pic Center, one of which is seeing Todd Armstrong in the chow line with tissue paper stuffed around the collar of his beautifully pressed khaki shirt and pancake makeup all over his face. I believe he was a PFC at the time. I Googled his name recently, only to learn he died in California at age 55.

Looking through the roster of APC people, I remember so many of the civilian employees. Animation was such a small department. There were Lt. Thomas Steger, Sgt Yukio Tashiro, myself and a Sp5 John Castalucci. (Ray Nesbitt remembered Tashiro as well.)

I was glad to see that my message finally reached it's destination,and hopefully I will be listed with the APC people.

I ended my Army career as a Sgt E-5 with the 269th Signal Co in Orleans, France where I met my wife Francoise.

(Posted April 6, 2012)

In April 1962 I was sent to APC from photo school at Fort Monmouth with the MOS of 841.10. The colonel during the orientation interview saw that I had some art training and skill. He assigned me to Animation where worked with a tremendous talent Sgt. Yukio Tashiro. My primary duties were cleaning Hot Press letters and polishing cells. Later on I was doing some inking and airbrushing of backgrounds. The biggest project I remember was a CITY UNDER THE ICE, a production about a base in Greenland.

Two days before I was supposed to go to La Rochelle France as a Pfc I was promoted to Spec4. This made my assignment in France to change; when I arrived in Paris my orders had to be changed. They were looking for a Pfc in La Rochelle and I was a Spec4. I ended up with the 269th Signal Co. in Orleans. I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone from APC or 269 who recalls this period. My email is

(Submitted February 4, 2012) 
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