Richard Robinson


Shown in the master control of the Signal Corps Photographic Center Mobile Television Unit at Camp Gordon, Georgia, on November 3, 1953, are John Ceuetic, Joe Schedari, Jack Berg and Dick Robinson.

Dick Robinson wrote:

I was with the Mobile Unit while it went to Camp Gordon, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, and West Point. I have pictures of that time.

I left the Mobile Unit in the late spring of 1954 when I was transferred back to the main studios.
I was at the main studios until I was discharged October 1954.


SCPC Mobile Unit cameraman.


SCPC Mobile Unit personnel including Dick Robinson and Roger Damm.


SCPC Mobile Unit trucks.


SCPC Mobile Unit mechanics.


SCPC Mobile Unit trucks.


SCPC Mobile Unit training.


SCPC Mobile Unit at Ft. Benning, Georgia.


SCPC Mobile Unit television camera.


Richard Robinson [] wrote:


I have been recently putting together a personal history. In looking at your web site for some pictures, I see there is not much information about the early television effort.

I served with the SCPC Mobile Television Unit, and at the Main Studio from about June 1953 to October 1954.

I have pictures of some of the Mobile Unit personnel and the vans / equipment if you have any interest.

I was with the Mobile unit when we demonstrated television capability at Camp Gordon, West Point, Fort Benning (jump school), and Fort Bragg (Operation Flashburn).

Sorry to say I do not have all the names of the people. I do remember Joe Flaherty at the main studio, and Roger Damm of the Mobile Unit on your 'people who served' list.




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