Don Gonko

Don Gonko wrote (from Ham Lake, Minnesota), "I served at the APC October 1969 to May 1970. I worked as a still photog and lab tech in the photolab.

"I remember Tony Gutilla was the civilian lab chief at the time. Col. Bowman was commanding.

"Attached (above) is my photo from 1969.

"I took many set stills but do not remember the names of the movies being shot.

"Things were beginning to close down and in May of 1970, I received orders to report to Headquarters Company in Washinton, D.C. (at Arlington.) I spent my remaining time working as a photog and lab tech in an annex building right across from the airport. Did a lot of shooting in the Pentagon."

Don in caricature:










(Posted January 7, 2008, updated May 5, 2008, and October 6, 2020.)




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