Robert J. Santoro

Robert J. Santoro, SP5, who served September 1963 to September 1965, wrote:

Brought color TV and VCR to Tripoli Trade Show. It is my understanding Wild World of Sports had the first mobile unit, we had the second.

Traveled a lot to prove video was doable for training. Taped engineers at Fort Benning building bridges and demolition. Also taped AR14 demos at Benning. Remote video set ups inside a mountain in Pittsburgh to allow VIP to view event without entering high security areas. Video security in Washington for President's inaugural. Taped classes at Management School at Rock Island Arsenal. Great experience. When we left we made a yo-yo out of a wooden wire spool and hung it from one of the statues.

Lost touch with a lot of great guys. One of our production sergeants by the name of Cochran became a newscaster. Myself, I stayed in the TV business for awhile, became a cop in my home town and retired as Chief of Police in Nov of 2004, Would love to hear from some of the guys.


(Posted July 30, 2005; updated September 14, 2020.)


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