William Hurst wrote, "I was assigned to SCPC in May of 1946 and worked in Camera Branch until 1950. I was assigned as a motion picture cameraman/director and teamed with Maj. Elwood Neener, Gaetano Faillace, Harry Kreider, and others on such epics as "the Infantry Platoon in the Attack", "Attack on Fortified Positions" etc. starring Charlton Heston, and others of that era.

"In 1950, tired of permanent TDY I transferred to Animation Camera Branch and worked with Al Rezek, Al Schirano, Mark Lewis and others until 1952.

"I served in 69th Sig Co, Kaiserslautern, FRG until 1955 and then returned to Animation Branch. Went back to 69th Signal Company and served until 1961. Transferred to ASA and retired in 1968. Then went to Ft. Huachuca as a civilian employee and served until 1986.

"Many of the old gang from SCPC gravitated to Ft. Huachuca, including Lt. Col. William Huff, Andy Burt, Joe Hite and others.  Joe Hite was a lieutenant at SCPC, and worked for John Butler. Joe Hite was instrumental in getting me the job at Ft. Huachuca.

"I should add that my first experience at Astoria was as a child actor at the old Paramount Studio.

My father was studio chief at the time (circa 1925-1926).  Believe he was replaced by John Butler when SCPC was created. John was instrumental in getting me out of the Coast Artillery and into SCPC in 1946.

"I was also a member of Local 841,IATSE (Animation Cameraman) In my night job, I worked the Ed Sullivan show and did TV commercials."

(Posted 061808, updated 061709)