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Robert P. Hofmiller


Robert P. Hofmiller wrote, " At the Army Pictorial Center LIC,NY, circa 1957-1958 I was a member of field unit 5 television division, servicing and demonstrating the military capabilities of the portable TV Telescout Camera system. Field unit 5 was made up of a number of personnel that along with NCOIC MSG Horace Freeman, who is included in your present personnel roster, were sent TDY on various demonstration and application assignments.

"I was quartered across the street from the now Kaufman Astoria Studio which was at that time part of the Army Pictorial Center. Field unit 5 with the other field units worked out of a military motor pool on Northern Blvd. and 48th street in Astoria.

"Field unit 5 along with others participated in the atomic tests at Camp Desert Rock,Neveda August 1957. My picture is on the front page of the Las Vegas Sun, August 21,1957."


(Posted August 22, 2010; updated March 5, 2019.)



Help Requested
Help Requested

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