Walter D. Halloran

Mary Ellen Halloran wrote:

"I have just reviewed the page in the APC website listing those soldiers and civilians who worked there, and my fatherís name is not included. He was Walter D. Halloran, and he worked there as a civilian from the 1940ís until it closed in 1970. He died in 1989, and the following is based on my memory.

"He worked in the darkroom Ė it might have been the color lab Ė and for a while he was a supervisor, which meant that he had a desk in an office. 

"His good friends and go-workers were Sylvio (Sy) Alensandrini, Tony Guitilla, and Jerry Zetterberg (sp?) (whose name is also not on the list)."  [Note: added.]

"I hope you will add my fatherís name to your list of APC employees.  I visited there several times when I was a young child."

(Posted May 31, 2010, updated September 3, 2018, and August 21, 2020.)



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