Wrap Session

This picture was taken at a wrap session at the end of a project.

Standing second from left in "those crazy peepers" is Jerry Pronovost.  "I wish I had the six-pack abs that I had then."

Fifth from right is Chris Mauriello.

"The man holding the script is the director of the project, Mike Sheehy, Directors Branch," wrote Steven Gilman.  "Mike had family in the Louisville area and did many films at Fort Knox.  I was his assistant on several 'Live Fire' tank platoon in the attack and armor/infantry films.  He was a terrific guy, demanding, never short for stories and fun to work for.

"The man to the extreme right knelling is John Pagano*, grip.  He was the senior grip and I heard many say he had the best and smoothest touch in moving the crab dolly. 

"The man to the left of the man in the suit was the producer of the project.  I don't recall his name.

"I hope I helped a little in identifying some of the people in this photo.  I would like to point, out as an addendum, that I didn't not work the job.  It was before my time.  Mike Sheehy looks a little younger than I recall, but I did work with the people I tried to identify for the record."

Yes, Steven, you did.  To all our visitors: if you can supply other names, e-mail Webmaster.

*(John Pagano is also mentioned in a photo caption provided by Jerry J. Nugent.)


(Updated April 1, 2005; updated July 10, 2019.)



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