Jerry Pronovost  

Former motion picture cameraman Jerry Pronovost wrote:

"My name is Jerome (Jerry)Pronovost. I left APC in 1966 as Spc 5 in the U.S. Army.  Discharged of course. My MOS was Motion Picture Cameraman. 

"I went on from there to work for Camera Equip. Co., and other camera rental outfits. 

"From there I went to work for ABC News as film production manager under Jack Bush and Ed Messina.

"I do have pic's of my stay there at APC, and I would be glad to share them. Names that I remember and that I worked closely with are Hemingway, Kaku and Krieder."

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(Posted August 28, 2004, and updated September 19, 2004, and July 9, 2019.)



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