Robert C. Jones

Robert C. Jones wrote:  "As a Specialist 4, I served at APC from 1958-1960, and I was a Film Editor. 

"Also there at the time, and also Film Editors, were Frederick Rowley, Richard Van Enger, Jr., and Alan Heim, I think we were all Sp/4's. 

"Others I knew at the base included Eric Daarstad (cinematographer), Joseph Saracini, William Zaya, William Loomer, David Reynolds, Tom Connely, and Frank Payne. Again, I think were Sp/4's, and all served at approximately the same time I did.

""My email is"

Tom Connely added, "I was a SP4  GI  assistant camera man on that atomic warfare film with civilian camera man Charlie Arnold and civilian director Harry Cunningham at Fort Knox in 1959."


Posted September 12, 2004, updated May 8, 2008, and September 14, 2020.



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