Animation Department

Art Director Ray Markham provided this photo from the Animation Department:

This picture is of friends in the Animation Department.  They worked just down the hall from me.  Anna DiPala on the left, Lt. Cooper, center, and Harrison Cruse on the right.  As I recall, Lt. Cooper had worked in a number of areas, then landed in the Animation Department.  Anna and Harrison were animators before working at APC and had extensive art backgrounds. 

Some time after I left the Army Pictorial Center, Harrison went to work for West Point, doing graphic design and similar work.

Photos provide by Ray Markham include European Street, Beyond the Call, Late 1940s set, Animation Department, Survivor Set, and Celeste Holm.

Posted July 23, 2003.

Harrison Cruse wrote, "I was employed as an Illustrator at APC's Animation Branch from 1962 until it closed in 1970. I met some very interesting people including President Kennedy who did some of his fitness films on our sets, I did get his autograph as well. APC was a great place and we worked very hard as a team. That is a picture of me in the Memories photo talking with Lt. Cooper and Anna. The photo was taken by my friend Ray Markham AD, of the Scenic Department at APC.

"Most of our work was either (TS) or classified for years on a " need to know" basis but we also completed some projects that were not. We had a great time working with lots of military, Hollywood and New York professionals for the Defense of the USA, they also include Paul Bartel, Ray Markham, Col. Patterson, Sgt Yukio Tashiro, Ann D'Paula and many others.

Updated October 27, 2011.



Animation Department