Beyond the Call

Alexander Scourby
Beyond the Call

Art Director Ray Markham provided this photo of Alexander Scourby in a 1964 production at APC:

"This picture (1964) is of another set I designed, for a movie called "Beyond the Call." 

"I designed many historical sets for this movie, as it was about the history of the Medal of Honor.

"Noted actor Alexander Scourby frequently worked for the Army Pictorial Center.  Here he is in a Cavalry uniform.  He appeared in numerous costumes to match each set in this film."

Photos provide by Ray Markham include European Street, Beyond the Call, Late 1940s set, Animation Department, Survivor Set, and Celeste Holm.

(Posted July 23, 2003.)

Ron Hutchinson related this story about Alexander Scourby:  

 "I was the assistant cameraman on a movie about the Medal of Honor winners.  On the set was the cameraman, assistant cameraman (me), director, script writer, and two other guys making sure that all was accurate. 

"We started shooting, Scourby started talking, and all of us were mesmerized with with his speaking voice.  It was incredible.  After about 3 minutes he (Alexander Scourby) yells cut.  The director is the only one that yells cut, so he (the director) says,  what is going on.  Scourby says, lets do it again, and when you watch the rushes tomorrow you will know why I had to stop.  We went on and finished the shoot. 

"The next day at rushes this clip comes up.  Scourby forgot his lines and went into a hilarious joke.  We were so enthralled by his delivery that we were not even listening to what he was saying.  Six people that knew the script had no idea that he pulled that off without a hitch.  He was a great speaker and a gentleman, because he laughed as hard as we did when we saw what he did."

(Posted June 11, 2015.)

Updated February 4, 2019.



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