William E. Poulos

William E. Poulos wrote:

I served at SCPC in 1953-1954.  On  TDY (temporary duty) most of the time.  Worked very little on the main stage.  That was reserved for the civilian big names.  Military were sent all over the world on the rough assignments. 

There were some wonderful senior officers there, but some of the officers and civilians were nice to work with but a little up the foodchain!  The good guys were in Operations, Camera Branch, Animation, Editing, etc.  The dead heads were in administration usually, both military and civilian!  Fought to get away from the "head shed" and go on TDY! 

Regards to all fellow hard workers!!!! 

- Bill Poulos

PS:  Several names mentioned still make me want to up-chuck, even at this late date.

(Updated August 21, 2020.)


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