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Stanley T. (Tim) Swed was a director at the Army Pictorial Center.

Stanley's son, Dennis, wrote, "He's my father, and he worked out of Astoria as a director He was a combat photographer in WWII.  When they closed APC in the late 60's or early 70's, my father was transferred to Aberdeen Proving grounds.  a few years later, he was transferred, and lived in Las Cruces New Mexico. I'm not sure , since I was already in college, whether he was stationed out of El Paso or White Sands.  He then retired, later moved back to South Jersey, after he retired. He passed away in 1987.

"He was good friends with Chris Mauriello and used to commute to work, when he wasn't traveling with Charlie Arnold.

"His full name was Stanley T. Swed, but he was also known to friends as 'Tim'.

"Here is an early  picture of my father taken in his Army days."

Stanley also appears in two Christmas party photos at APC.  See People at APC.

During my childhood, when my father was on location, we got to travel with him when we were out of school in the summer. We spent several summers in El Paso.

I reside in Virginia Beach, I remember in the early 60's coming here one summer when my father was doing a training film out of the Little Creek Amphibious base located right here.  At that time, a young actor named Johnny Crawford, who played on the Rifleman, was serving time in the Army and was on the film crew with my Father.

 I can remember the picture my father took of Douglas McArthur, with his classic sunglasses and corn cob pipe when he was stationed in the Pacific.

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