Rita Pinchiaroli

Rita (Baducci) Pinchiaroli's grandson Aldo Burrascano wrote, "My Grandmother, Rita Pinchiaroli (though it was Baducci before she was married in 1946), worked as a Film Editor in the Editorial Department at the Army Pictorial Center.  She first went to work there during WWII (she says either 1942 or 1943) and left in 1947.  She then returned sometime in the mid-to-late 1960s as a Film Inspector, and remained there until it closed.  We were talking about her job there when she asked if I could find out when it was first opened.  We came across your site and it brought back a lot of memories to her.  She recalls many of the people listed as working in the Editorial Department.  I've attached a photo of what she looked like in the 1940s."

Here's a photo of Rita at APC on her 21st birthday in February 1945:



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