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Looking for Edmund B. O'Connell  - Tom Sullivan wrote:

Great site and hope you can be of help to us. We're looking for unit. info on T/4 Edmund B. O'Connell, US Army. He was Assigned to 196th Signal Photo Co. in Italy during 44-45. Army Service Serial # 32261322 as a war photographer. Birthplace was Nashville, TN Have an Allied Force HQ photo ID card dated 30 Mar. 45. and good collection of black and white photos to share and identify. According to Soldier's Individual Pay Record, his unit personnel officer was 2LT Walter R. Ermich, Jr. 

I know very little about Edmund O'Connell's unit and will be contacting the Center for Military History for more details. After the war he preferred the first name of Burke. He settled in the Santa Monica, CA area as Julie Jones' stepfather.

I believe Mr. O'Connell passed away in 1990.

Contact Tom Sullivan at tomsull27@yahoo.com or Julie Jones at butterfly_94044@yahoo.com.  Thanks for your help.  (Posted March 5, 2005)


I went looking for more info on O'Connell's unit and found this site through the Holocaust Museum which has great group photos and bios of the 167th Signal Corps Photo Company.



You will also see a great cartoon depicting a combat photographer taking pictures in the field.


Thought you could use this addition info I found.


Tom Sullivan

Updated October 3, 2020.


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