Dave Baseler

"Just found this site," wrote Dave Baseler, "and it let me get in touch with a couple of people that I haven't heard from in 40 years!"

Hi, my name is Dave Baseler and I served in the Sound Section at APC from late December 1961 to November 1963.  Most of my time was spent in Sound Re-recording with Thomas Hanlon.  It was great experience that stood me in good stead throughout my career in radio/tv broadcasting and then in marketing for both Eaton Corporation and ServiceMaster.

I am now retired and living in North Carolina, where my wife and I help to run a Bible camp.  My e-mail address is <dbaseler@charter.net>.  As soon as I get a chance, I'm going to dig through my old files to see what I can find from APC.  I think I still have some photos and maybe a script or two!

Thanks for all your work on this web site - it's a great remembrance.


Updated October 3, 2020.

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