Chris Mauriello


Chris Mauriello, Sr., was a cameraman and deputy chief of Camera Branch by 1970 when the studio closed. Fred King recalled, "I met Chris Sr. in 1964 at the APC. He was a great guy. Showed me around.

"I remember an iron plaque in or near the boiler room as I recall that had Paramount Pictures engraved on it. One of the few things around to show original ownership.

"I believe Chris was the cameraman on a training film made in Verona, Italy in 1962 or 63.

"His son, Chris Jr., became a cameraman in New York.

"Chris Sr. passed away just a few years ago."

Posted October 30, 2004

Ron Hutchinson provided a series of  Chris Sr. at work in the 1960s. 

That's Chris Mauriello, Sr., to the right of the camera.


Posted April 9, 2015, updated June 9, 2019.



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