Arthur A. McCrary

Colonel Arthur A. McCrary

Colonel Arthur A. McCrary, APC’s commander for four years from September 1954 to July 1958, assumed command of the Army Pictorial Services Division in Washington following the termination of his leave August 1, 1958.  He was succeeded at APC by Colonel James H. Fulton, who had served as deputy post commender.

He succeeded Colonel W. W. Lindsay, also a former APC commander, who retired from the Army August 31, 1958.

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West point, Class of '33, Colonel McCrary came to the Center from Ft. Gordon, Georgia, where he was chief of staff of the Signal Corps Training Center there.

Originally commissioned in the Coast Artillery, Col McCrary served first at Fort Monroe, Virginia, and then overseas at Corregidor.

In 1937 Colonel McCrary transferred to the Army Signal Corps with duty station at Fort Lewis, Washington.  Two years later he was sent to the Signal School at Fort Monmouth.

The colonel's next assignment came in 1940 upon completion of the Signal School course, and took him to Fort Benning, Georgia, where he became the Post Signal Officer.

The following year he made his first acquaintance with the Pentagon when he was assigned to OCSigO as Requirements Officer for Aircraft Warning Equipment.  The Air Corps took over this job and Colonel McCrary’s next chore was to represent the Army on committees charged with supervising communications procedures throughout the services, and their British counterparts.  For his part in this work, he received the Legion of Merit.

In January 1944, Colonel McCrary went to the European Theater of Operations where he was Commanding Officer of the 3103rd Signal Service Battalion, part of the Twelfth Army Group, and achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Following the cessation of hostilities, he returned to Washington and headed the first Career Management Branch of the Army Signal Corps.  This tour of duty lasted until 1947 when he left to attend the Armed Forces Industrial College.

Upon completion of this course, Colonel McCrary was assigned, in 1948, as a member of the Special Joint Planning Group in the Pentagon which made plans for the Continental United States’ defense.

Overseas duty was again on the agenda for Colonel McCrary in 1950 with assignment to London and the Joint American Military Advisory Group, U. S. representatives in NATO planning.

The London headquarters was moved in 1952 to Frankfurt, Germany, and became the Military Assistance Division of USEUCOM.  Col. McCrary, as liaison officer with the NATO Annual Review Group, shuttled between Paris and the headquarters in Germany.  This international commuting stopped in September 1953 when he returned to the U. S. for the assignment to Fort Gordon.


Excerpted from InFocus, July 1958; posted December 24, 2007; updated January 30 and June 11, 2019.




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