Thomas Ryan Koester

My name is Tom Koester I served as a Spec 2 (Specialist Second Class) at the Army Pictorial Center from September or October 1967 (I don’t remember exact dates) till my Christmas discharge December 1968.  My scheduled discharge was Jan 2 1969. 

My MOS was film editor but I worked first as a script clerk but mostly as assistant director, with later work as second unit director on films in Korea. Mostly i was doing TDY at  various posts (Fort Benning, Fort Knox, Fort Huachuka, Fort Greeley (Alaska), and Soul and the Korean DMZ).

I also was an actor in the APC film “You and the Law in Korea” with other military actors (including Johnny  Crawford who was in the Army at that time) with opening narration by Bob Hope and directed by a civilian director (can’t remember his name) in a mixed military/civilian crew.   

My full name Thomas Ryan Koester.

I would like to see that film I was in. How is this possible?


Editor's Note: The National Archives and Records Administration lists:

From RG: 330

Motion Picture Films and Video Recordings on Five Decades of U.S. Military Activities Around the World

United States and Republic of Korea. This picture attempts to define the rights and privileges of the U.S. soldiers and dramatizes several cases involving U.S. servicemen in Korea. Purpose: Discusses U.S

National Archives Identifier: 4524994  Local Identifier: 330-DVIC-704813 

Creator: Department of Defense. Office of the Secretary of Defense. 9/18/1947-


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