Robert Gottschall

Fast track in 1942: 

Major (Retired) Richard Green of the Signal Corps OCS Association supplied names of a number of people who served at Signal Corps Photographic Center during World War II.  He explained, "This information was obtained from Lieutenant Colonel Robert Gottschall before his death, when he referred to the training films they made and the locker room humor that often occured.

"Bob was an actor on the fast track when the war started and ended up making a 'use your condom' training film.

"Bob starred in 'Son of the Guardsman' serials, had a few choice roles after the war, lost the role of John Wayne's son in Red River to Montgomery Clift and left Hollywood for the Army.

"He continued to act during his military career and after retirement, but only when he could arrange for leave at the proper time."

(Posted December 30, 2005)



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