Phillip I. Johnson

Bonnie Johnson wrote about her father, Phillip I. Johnson:  "I just received a two inch thick set of paper works from the National Achieves and Records Administration for  my dad's federal personal files. It's quite impressive. I knew my dad was loved by his peers but didn't realize how much until I read some of his performance qualities written with great praise from colleagues etc.  One thing I am confused about though is, my dad's title was known to us and I saw on your site also, as, "State Administrator." In here, he is called, "Film Depository Officer."  Can you shed some light on this for me? 

" I also remember a newsletter that came out in later years, maybe around 1969- 1970.  Are you aware of any of those? I just remember seeing one once when I visited my parents in the Hamptons in 1975.  They still received the newsletters after my dad had retired.  So even though the APC was no more after 1970, people still kept in close contact. I would love to get my hands on one of those. I wonder if the newsletters are still active. Are you familiar with them? Thank you so much for all your help! You are a blessing!"

Webmeister's note:  The "APC Alumni" newsletter continued publishing after the studio closed.  You would also be interested to know that Kaufman Astoria Studios cooperated in an annual alumni reunion.  It included a tour of the main stage, lunch in the former Officers Open Mess now beautifully restored to its 1920s splendor as studio commissary, and an afternoon of swapping stories and showing pictures.  

(Phillip I. Johnson is also mentioned in the Alumni News for October 1997.)


(Posted 2012; updated August 3, 2020.)



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