Frank Hanisko, Sr.

Dushan Hanisko wrote, "I came across your site when looking for information on my father.  He passed on many years ago and I am trying to piece together a bit of his past.  


"My father, Frank Hanisko, Sr., definitely worked at Redstone, from 1970 or 1971 I think through 1976.  He was a friend of H. G. Peters and may have worked for him as a contractor.  My memory is that he worked for the army, but I was very young.  I do recall the building 4489 and watching some grisly old propaganda films.  My dad came from Czechoslovakia and grew up with WW2, so he was keen to show me what his youth was like as a bit of a lesson on the horrors of war and fascism.  Mostly I recall the pool and the NCO club.  There was another building, but I am stretching my brain cells on that. 


"My father was an editor most of the time, but did a lot of production for Peters.  If you have any information or hints to where I can find out more about those years at Redstone, Id truly appreciate it."

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