James L. Rogers wrote, "I was browsing the web page on the APC and would like to mention the following.

"I was stationed at the APC from December, 1960 through 1963 after graduation from the Signal Corp Still
Photography Class at Ft. Mammoth, NJ.

:Because of both photo and electronics background I was assigned to the Instrumentation Section. A section
formed in 1960 to provide electronic and optical instrumentation support to Nike bases along the east coast. We
did optical instrumentation at the bases to monitor and score simulated Nike missile launches on B52 aircraft
delivered nuclear weapons attacks on cities along the east coast. I was also assigned to support instrumentation
of unmanned drone launches (forerunner of the cruise missiles). Assignment after that included instrumentation
on underground nuclear weapons testing at the Nevada Test Site. Many fond memories of working at the Pictorial
Center, including meeting my future wife who I was married to for 45 years.

"James L. Rogers

"SP4 at time of discharge."

(Posted January 20, 2010
Updated August 29, 2012)



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