Alexander J. Malashuk

Alexander J. Malashuk


Alexander J. Malashuk was a member of 3234 Signal Service Detachment providing footage in Japan in 1945.  Queries and responses to our Help page collected the following information.

Adams Kenneth, Anthony Kelly, Louis Leinbecker and Albert Rielson are sought for information about Alexander J. Malashuk.  The three are thought to be colleagues of Malashuk who could shed some light on film that Malashuk shot in Hachioji, Japan, on September 15, 1945.   Yukako Fujihara, a student of Chuo University in Tokyo, wrote, "As a seminar research, I am looking into the records of Japan in wartime and found a film taken by Mr. Alexander J. Malashuk on September 15, 1945.  My friend, Hikari Uchiyama has sent you an e-mail before to ask for help getting information about Mr. Malashuk. Thanks to you, we could contact with his nephew and daughter.  However, we could not get some necessary information from them and now we would like to contact with some people who were probably his colleagues.  They are: Adams Kenneth who took some photos in Hachioji on Sep. 15, 1945 ... he was probably with Mr. Malashuk on the day; Louis Leinbecker from Pittsburgh; Anthony Kelly; or, Albert Rielson from Cleveland.  I would like to know the contact addresses of them or their families. I would be so grateful if you could put this query on your Help requested page."  Yukako Fujihara, Tel 080-1918-7629 e-mail

This was the Help query: Alexander J. Malashuk and a post-World War II film on Hachioji, Tokyo, is the subject of a query from Japan:  "I am e-mailing you to get some information about the man who made a film that was reported by Army Pictorial Center.  His name is Mr. Alexander J. Malashuk. He made a film in Hachioji, Tokyo, after the World War II.  The film was made on September 15, 1945, and the ruins of Hachioji were documented.  I would like to see him or his family because I research about records of Japan in wartime and ask him why he film Tokyo 63 years ago. I would be so grateful if you could let me know contact address of him or his family."  Contact Hikari Uchiyama, Chuo University, 1001-1Kamigoh, Ebina city, Kanagawa 243-0434 Japan Tel 046-235-2272 or e-mail him at (Posted 080808) 

And this was the additional information, answering Mr. Uchiyama's query:  John S. Wilkinson of Rome, New York, wrote, "Mr Uchiyama, I am a nephew of Alexander John Malashuk.  Uncle Alex was a photographer for the US Army during WWII.  He filmed many places in the Pacific theater. After the war he worked for the Baltimore Sun Newspaper. He died in 1971 and left two daughters. I am in contact with one of them."  (Updated 030809)

Wilkinson subsequently wrote, "After a contact with a Ms. Hikari Uchiyama, Ms Uchiyama, sent me a DVD containing a movie shot by my uncle Alex. It is about 7 minutes long, 1,420,132 KB long. In it are a number of shots of a ID placard (camera slate) that look like this:

3234 SIG. SERV. DET.
DATE 9-15-1945

The Roll No. changes on the different placards.

This would indicate that ALEXANDER J MALASHUK was a member of 3234 SIG. SERV. DET. commanded by LT SOCHUREK, Commanding Officer.

Wilkinson provided a link to Malashuk's silent footage posted on YouTube:


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