John M. Lewin, III, wrote, "I served as a federal civilian cameraman/director  from 1964-1968,  I was assigned to the US Army Materiel Command, Audiovisual Directorate, Washington, DC, and performed TDY assignments for the (Army Pictorial) Center to include field projects for the Army's Big Picture series as well as other stateside projects  and assignments in Vietnam. 

I would like to be included in the APC roster as I worked with and at the center throughout my Army career both as a civilian and as an Army photographer, 1955-1962.

I finished my career in 1994 as the Head, DOD Visual Media Record Center and Still Media, Department Head at the US Navy Media Center.

(Posted February 2, 2012)

Lewin added, "For many years I have wondered what happened to the old timers from the Center and hoped that one day we might have a reunion.  My son and brother were also Army photo types but were members of DASPO who does have reunions once in a while. I also worked for the Navy and was part of the establishment of the National Association of Naval Photography which is a group of Ex and retired Navy, Marine, Civilian and any other Service Branch member who has been associated with Navy Photography, it includes vendors who have been made Honorary members. We meet every year around the country for 4 days to renew friendships and provide an interface with active duty Navy and Marine Photographers, we are sanctioned by CNO and hopefully provide a service beyond our retirement.. Check us out at Let me know what you think and maybe we can get a discussion going on Army.

(Posted August 29, 2012)


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