Anthony Guttilla

Bruce Bosinius


SP5 Bruce Bosinius was assigned to the Instrumentation Group from 1961 until his discharge on July 19, 1962.  He held an MOS of 841.10, still photographer, but he filled in other jobs, including as an actor playing "all kinds of things" in military films.

In Instrumentation Division, he regularly visited Air Defence Command sites documentating their preparedness in still photos.

He also worked with the Chief of the Motion Picture Laboratory, Arthur (Artie) Beers, where Bosinius learned to develop films.

Bosinius recalled that while he lived in the Troop Command barracks, he would take a train to his home on Long Island on weekends.  Eventually he got a car and drove home.

After his discharge he got a job installing 35mm surveillance cameras.  He said the Bank Act of 1963 required all banks to install cameras.  This led him to a 37-year career in the security business.


Posted January 20, 2019