I was employed at Army Pictorial Center during the summer of 1969. I had just graduated from high school and was so excited about being able to work at such a wonderful place with such wonderful people. I worked in Cost Accounting with Marian Tynchyshy as my manager. I would like to thank everyone again for allowing me to be a part of that group. It was really exciting when, here you are walking through the building and all of a sudden this bell starts and everyone has to stop moving, woo!

(Webmeister's note: "...all of a sudden this bell starts..." refers to the warning bell to signal quiet during a take.  The layout of APC, with departments and offices surrounding the Main Stage, invited studio personnel to take a short-cut through the stage, either for convenience or out of curiosity to see what sets were under construction or in use.  When a crew was ready for a scene, they would "go on the bells," ringing a loud bell three times to call for silence.  Anyone on the stage would have to stop and wait until the shot was finished.  The end of the silence would be signaled by a single, long bell.  And that bell could be heard all over the giant Main Stage.)