My name is Larry Collins, returning from Vietnam in 1966, I was assigned to the Army Pictorial Center, where I spent the remaining two years of my Army career.

I was a combat photographer assigned to the Camera Branch. Joseph Lipkowitz was in charge of the Camera Branch. I remember that Joe gave my first-born son a stuffed tiger on his first birthday. Joe got the tiger from a stuffed toy warehouse that was located behind the Pictorial Center.

Being a still photographer (which there were plenty of at the center), I was assigned the property management department. There I worked with SSG Quinn and Rupert Lovell.

Others that I remember were SFC Shea, he worked for Joe also, SP/5 Chester Craig & SFC Parkhurst.

I also worker in the NCO Club as a bartender for a short period of time, The club was located in the basement of the enlisted men's quarters.

One person that I owe much to was Frank Argondizza. Frank I think was one of the best cameramen that I've ever known, He taught me more about film-making than anyone else. I had the pleasure of working with him on several training films.  We traveled to Fort Greeley Alaska, Detroit Mich., Fort Knox, Kentucky and Fort Bragg, just to name a few.

I also remember Johnny Crawford being there, he was a very quite person, stayed to himself mostly.

Angela Lansbury's son was also stationed there. She was staring in Dolly on Broadway while he was there.  His name was David but for the life of me, I cannot remember his last name. I remember him telling me that his Dad was a movie producer in Hollywood.

I have a few pictures of some of the personnel and I also have a set of orders of all the military personnel that was awarder their shooting medals, I'll be posting all these names and pictures at a later date.

I have so many memories of the Pictorial Center that maybe a book should be considered.

Thank you for allowing me this few minutes and I shall explore your site daily.

- SSG Larry Collins

Some pictures from Sergeant Collins collection:


Colonel Donald Bowman, Army Pictorial Center commander, presented Sergeant Larry Collins with an award for a suggestion on how to better protect camera equipment while traveling to different sites. Pictured are, from left, 1SG John Kintsler, Company Sergeant Major SGTM Alonzer Bailey, SSG Collins, Chief of Camera Branch Joseph Lipkowitz, COL Bowman,  and the company commander, believed to be CPT James T. Van Orden, Jr.


On location at the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, Kentucky, this Army Pictorial Center crew included Larry Collins holding the clapper, camera operator Frank Argondizza, and the (unknown) director.



That's Colonel Bowman in the center in class A uniform and Sergeant Collins in khakis.  Can anyone provide the names of the others in this picture?

Anthony "Tony" Gutillia, still photography lab circa 1968, is the person to the right on the end, according to SP4 Santoro.