James V Walch [jimwal@wamusa.com] wrote:

"I was personnel specialist at APC 9/67 to 4/68 in the main building north of main stage.

"I was on Col. Bowman's bowling team.

"I was a waiter during the 25th anniversary party on the main stage which was decorated in Hawaiian theme.

"I knew some of the men on your marksmanship page. Only person I remained in contact with was Bill Ricks from Georgia. Ran around with Montoya, Lang, Young, Burch and others. Did you know any of them?

"Ran into David Shaw (Angela Lansbury's stepson) and SSG Carano (supply sergeant) later in Vietnam.

"I did discharge paperwork for Johnny Crawford.

"I learned darkroom skills in the darkroom we had in the Troop Command building with the help of others.

"I do have photos and other memorabilia stashed in a large box somewhere in my house.

"Montoya had a photo in the Time/Life series on Vietnam."

(Posted January 15, 2006)